Wednesday, May 19, 2010

That's my dog

Momo peruses an issue of Cream and must wonder where these BMX girls hang out.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Seattle Jam Reflections

Great day of riding went down in Seattle on Saturday. I don't have any photos or video, but I have highlights:

• The spot was huge, decent surface. The weather was perfect. The riders were plentiful (30+?).

• Vancouver represented well. I still hate their hockey team, but the riders are fantastic.

• I finally swapped my pegs out for Brett's Spry pegs. One word: Awesome.

• I pulled a double decade. My friend was filming about 20 attempts, the first one after he put his camera down I nailed it. Only a couple of witnesses but it felt real good.

• Joe has an awesome new shirt, "WEST COAST FL@".. need to get one of those.

BMX Training For Breakfast

At an IHOP in Seattle yesterday morning, I noticed on the back of the kid menu some fun BMX game. Need to get the kids hooked young.