Thursday, February 24, 2011

Space Ark Interview - Kobe, Japan

I recently went to Japan and while there managed to stumble through an interview with the owner of Space Ark, a Flatland only BMX shop in Kobe Japan. A whole host of things went wrong that day including my video camera taking a shit. For some reason I then felt off the whole day and didn't really manage to get all the footage or the great interview I was hoping for. I did a horrible job explaining what I was after and with only a laptop to record the interview, well, you'll see the results. In any case, it will all be available soon from FlatWebTV.

Prior to getting to the shop I had the pleasure of watching a bunch of local riders (including Shinichi Kiba) ride at Meriken Park, for the BMX School that Space Ark regularly puts on. Beginners and AMs ride with Pros, and everyone learns a bit. I should have some pretty decent video of this in the story we'll put on FlatWebTV. ロシア absolutley killed it.

Tsumiki, one of the shop staff (and a great rider, you can see him at the :39 mark of this video) took some "behind-the-scenes" shots of the day and posted some funny comments on his blog (in Japanese).  Below are some photos, one of the Space Ark contest I competed in many moons ago in Kobe, a couple of the riders from the BMX School event at Meriken Park and then, Tsumiki's shots of the interview. I urge you all (all 3 of you reading this), if you are ever in Japan, find your way to Space Ark.

Me rolling a deathtruck at the Space Ark contest, circa 2002.

BMX School in session.

Fumbling through an interview at Space Ark with the owner, a super nice guy who bought me beer after the interview.

I create even more confusion by just launching into the interview. The lovely Nana helped smooth things over in both languages.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BMX Gets Respect in Sign Banning BMX

For once a sign was specific about what activities cannot be done, and BMX got the mention it deserves. I saw this today while walking around Nagai Stadium in Osaka, Japan. For some reason I just like seeing those three letters in an official sign, even if that sign was telling BMXers to piss off.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FlatWebTV Episode 2 Up!

Episode #2, still maybe drank too much, but that adds to the charm right? This time we had a small studio audience (Joe, Brett and James) adding a cool element to the taping. We did the episode in one take again, front to back without stopping. Actually, with all the beer we drank, it's unlikely we could have done a second take anyhow.

Justin did a great job with the edit. For as loose and all over the place as we were, there's still a nice rhythm (in my humble opinion). I look forward to getting skewered on Global and doing the next episode. Hope you all enjoy.