Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bike Thieves

Thieves in general are low. Bike thieves in particular, for us, are the lowest. The sentiment in the image above is right on.

There's been a recent rash of bike theft in Portland, with 4 or 5 bikes being stolen in the last two weeks. Goods BMX was broken into and a complete new Sunday nabbed. Now, just yesterday Mark Rainha and his girlfriend Sherry had their bikes stolen in broad daylight in a busy part of town.

The thieves cut the cable lock and nonchalantly placed the cable back on the bike racks and rolled away. Luckily, while driving around looking for the bikes, they spotted Sherry's not 6 blocks away and got it back (amazing right?!). Day Glow orange pedals!

The other is still missing. If you see some crack head rolling around on a nice street bike with a black frame, red handlebars, beige forks, beige pedals, and a one-off Camacura (Quamen) street stem, it ain't his/hers. Offer to trade a McDonald's cheeseburger for it then contact anyone in the Portland BMX community.

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