Thursday, February 24, 2011

Space Ark Interview - Kobe, Japan

I recently went to Japan and while there managed to stumble through an interview with the owner of Space Ark, a Flatland only BMX shop in Kobe Japan. A whole host of things went wrong that day including my video camera taking a shit. For some reason I then felt off the whole day and didn't really manage to get all the footage or the great interview I was hoping for. I did a horrible job explaining what I was after and with only a laptop to record the interview, well, you'll see the results. In any case, it will all be available soon from FlatWebTV.

Prior to getting to the shop I had the pleasure of watching a bunch of local riders (including Shinichi Kiba) ride at Meriken Park, for the BMX School that Space Ark regularly puts on. Beginners and AMs ride with Pros, and everyone learns a bit. I should have some pretty decent video of this in the story we'll put on FlatWebTV. ロシア absolutley killed it.

Tsumiki, one of the shop staff (and a great rider, you can see him at the :39 mark of this video) took some "behind-the-scenes" shots of the day and posted some funny comments on his blog (in Japanese).  Below are some photos, one of the Space Ark contest I competed in many moons ago in Kobe, a couple of the riders from the BMX School event at Meriken Park and then, Tsumiki's shots of the interview. I urge you all (all 3 of you reading this), if you are ever in Japan, find your way to Space Ark.

Me rolling a deathtruck at the Space Ark contest, circa 2002.

BMX School in session.

Fumbling through an interview at Space Ark with the owner, a super nice guy who bought me beer after the interview.

I create even more confusion by just launching into the interview. The lovely Nana helped smooth things over in both languages.


  1. A flatland ONLY bmx shop? Is he making a living from this? That is awesome.

  2. The shop has been open for over 10 years, so he's at least getting by. They also sell a lot of clothing and fashion accessories, so that helps.