Friday, December 30, 2011

Decommissioning the Ares Army

I started collecting Ares Ashura frames a few years back. I've always loved the design of this frame (all Ares really). Long story short, this project started, but never got finished. It's time to clear out the garage.

The powder coating was all done within the last year and the bike was only partially assembled. Unique powder coating in that the frame, cranks and bars are not a solid green (the forks are factory Fly Bikes painted, basically NOS, with a light metal flake finish). The color goes from dark to light green and you can even see some yellow when it's under nice lighting. Very cool finish. I chose the green for the frame, bars and cranks to match as close as I could to the forks, as I did not want to remove the stickers on the forks. The powder coating alone was $100.

So, $145 shipped (to the lower 48) gets you:

Ares Ashura Frame
Fly Bikes Suelo Fork
Poverty 3-Piece cranks (unsealed BB)
Twenty Ellipse Bars (22" wide)
Odyssey Griswald Grips
Odyssey Par Ends


  1. Hey man, fantastic frame! I love this particular geometry. Simon o' Brien used this frame right?