Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ares Army - Episode 1

So somewhere around 2000 or 2001 I really became enamored with the Ares Ashura. I think it triggered something from the days I loved the GT Pro Freestyle Tour. I've always liked curves.

While living in Japan I finally upgraded to an Ashura (I mistakenly bought a Hoffman EP when an Ashura was the same price). I rode it for a year or so. When it was finally time to move back to the states, I decided to give it away to a friend who simply needed a bicycle. I always wished I had that bike back.

Fast forward to 2008, I found an Ashura for sale on Global-Flat, then another one on eBay, then another and so on and so on. I have 5 Ashura and 1 Force now. It's out of hand, but oh well. All of the Ares I have acquired over the past couple of years have needed something: new powder coating, a bunch of parts, stickers. They are not show bikes. They're just cool to me.

Here's the first. This one needed new powder coat (flat black). I just had the frame but over the course of 2 years accumulated a lot of original Ares parts. It has probably the most original Ares parts of any in the army:
Ashura Frame - DITA Fork - 88 Bars - 88 Stem - 88 Cranks - 88 Sprocket - 88 Seat Clamp - 88 Tires - 88 Pegs - 88 Grips. The other parts are mixed: Wellgo pedals (88 copies) - 99er Seat - Primo Rod Post - Odyssey Gyro - Dia-Comple Brake Setup - Nankai rear hub - Odyssey Vandero fron hub. It's a tank, not very easy to ride compared to the St. Martin, but I love this bike.


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