Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ares Army - Episode 6 (The Final Chapter ?)

In this final (?) chapter, here's the only non-Ashura Ares in the Army, a late model Force. This one actually has a euro BB, which I guess is rare. Got this one off GF too and actually want to ride this seriously. Need a seat and post, but otherwise it is built up. St. Martin bars, KHE stem, Odyssey Forks, Nankai front and rear hubs A few blue anodized parts to accent the build.

I think this should be the last Ares I build, my garage certainly can't hold any more bicycles. But who knows what will come up on eBay or GF in the future. Plus, local PDX rider Patrick has an AY frame he knows I've wanted for a while now. Plus, during my upcoming trip to Japan, I might find myself in a bmx shop and figuring out logistics of getting a Garuda home. 

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